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About Biocatalysts

Biocatalysts is a global specialty enzyme company and part of the BRAIN Group offering both off-the-shelf enzymes for food and related industries and a customized enzyme discovery, development and manufacturing service. Where we partner with food ingredient manufacturers taking novel enzymes ideas from concept through to routine manufacture in under 18 months, helping them gain competitive advantage with their new products development. Click here to view the other members of the BRAIN group

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New Products

Lipomod™ 767P, Biocatalysts

Lipomod™ 767P

Lipomod™ 767P is a lipase produced to have a significantly high activity level for the hydrolysis and esterification of oils and fats.

Enzyme Development & Manufacture, Biocatalysts

Enzyme Development & Manufacture

You can read more about our EDM service in the brochure below or have a conversation with one of our business managers to learn more about our enzyme discovery service.


  • Depol™ – customised enzymes for fruit and vegetable applications
  • Flavorpro™ – customised enzymes for flavour promotion
  • Lipomod™ – customised enzymes for lipid & fat modification
  • MetXtra™ – Biocatalysts proprietary novel enzyme database
  • Promod™ - customised enzymes for protein modification

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