Cosucra Groupe Warcoing SA

1 Rue De La Sucrerie
Warcoing, B 7740


Phone: 32-69446621

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About Cosucra Groupe Warcoing SA

COSUCRA has been manufacturing naturally grown specialty food ingredients since 1852, with a current focus on yellow peas and chicory root fiber. COSUCRA Inc. is based in USA. COSUCRA with our technological, sustainability and farm to fork traceability leadership, is WELL POSITIONED FOR THE FUTURE with the completion of our €35 million investment in Belgium during 2018 to increase the capacity of PISANE™ pea protein, SWELITE™ pea-cell wall fiber and NASTAR™ pea starch.

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COSUCRA SWELITE(TM) Pea Cell-Wall Fiber, Cosucra Groupe Warcoing SA


SWELITE(TM) pea cell-wall fiber is a functional ingredient made of insoluble fiber and starch. Gelatinisation of the linked starch granules increases water holding capacity up to 10 parts water for each part SWELITE(TM). Functional Benefits: Juiciness, shape control, stabilization of emulsion (5 parts fat/5 parts water per 1 part SWELITE(TM) or 3 part oils per 1 part SWELITE(TM). Works well in meat, plant based meat, bakery, cheese applications to include TVP/HMMA.

COSUCRA PISANE(TM) PEA Protein, Cosucra Groupe Warcoing SA


PISANE™ C9 pea protein is well suited for dairy/non dairy/beverages. PISANE™ C9 has highest solubility of all global pea protein and very high digestibility (same as soy protein isolate), can undergo UHT process and has highest emulsification for dairy/non dairy applications. PISANE™ B9 pea protein: very long shelf life/moistness for bakery/bars and confectionery PISANE™ M9 pea protein: a meat alternative, is renowned for its excellent emulsification/binding property


  • FIBRULINE(TM) chicory root fiber
  • FIBRULOSE(TM) chicory root fiber
  • NASTAR(TM) Instant pea starch
  • NASTAR(TM) native pea starch
  • PISANE(TM) pea protein
  • SWELITE(TM) pea cell-wall fiber

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