Gelita USA Inc

2445 Port Neal Industrial Rd
Sergeant Bluff, IA 51054

United States

Phone: 1(712)943-1690

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About Gelita USA Inc

GELITA® Gelatine offers excellent binding, gelling, whipping, emulsifying, stabilizing and foaming. GELITA® Gelatine creates perfect textures, provides one-of-a-kind mouthfeel, enhances flavor release and more! Our collagen peptides reveal an excellent sensorial profile and texture while offering added protein and the advantages of collagen. Both gelatine and collagen peptides are pure proteins that can boost nutritional profiles, contribute to clean labeling, and feature no allergenic potential. Contact us to help with your formulation at!

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New Products

Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year Finalist: TENDOFORTE®, Gelita USA Inc

Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year Finalist: TENDOFORTE®

TENDOFORTE® is a specific bioactive collagen peptide, produced using GELITA’s proprietary hydrolysis process. Specific for tendons and ligaments, TENDOFORTE® activates the metabolism of cells in these collagen-rich tissues, for their natural renewal and repair. A tremendous amount of physical power stems from strong tendons, ligaments and fascia – the white connective tissue. Relevant to all sports, TENDOFORTE® is the first nutritional solution on the market for the white tissue.

GELITA’s Fast Forward Process (FFP), Gelita USA Inc

GELITA’s Fast Forward Process (FFP)

The statement I have is as follows: 'Fast Forward Process'technology is a starch-free production method that uses reusable molds instead of traditional starch trays. This innovative solution creates significant added value for customers by providing a cleaner work environment, accelerating production and facilitating fortification.



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