AB Enzymes

Feldbergstrasse 78
Darmstadt, 64293


Phone: +49 (0) 6151 3680 100

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About AB Enzymes

AB Enzymes is an industrial biotech company specialized in enzymes and their applications. Since 1907 we have been developing, manufacturing and supplying enzyme preparations for industrial applications. Our products range from food grade enzymes for baking and fruit juice processing, grains/vegetable oil seeds processing, to enzymes for animal feed and technical applications: pulp & paper, textiles and detergents. Product excellence and innovation are among our key strengths and we are a reliable partner for customers.

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New Products

COROLASE® 8000 – Enzyme for Protein Modification, AB Enzymes

COROLASE® 8000 – Enzyme for Protein Modification

Enzymatic hydrolysis by proteases is a powerful tool for modifying protein characteristics like solubility, foaming behaviour, emulsification capacity or taste. AB Enzymes provides several proteases with different characteristics for the hydrolysis of animal and plant protein sources. Our latest addition to the protease portfolio is COROLASE® 8000. It is the best-in-class endopeptidase for the hydrolysis of animal proteins and it can also be used with proteins from other origins.

VERON® MAXIMA – Reach the Next Level of Freshness, AB Enzymes

VERON® MAXIMA – Reach the Next Level of Freshness

The innovative fresh-keeping solution VERON® MAXIMA helps bread improver companies to differentiate in a sea of competition and reach the next level of bread freshness. VERON® MAXIMA provides baking products with unique characteristics for a long lasting and complete freshness experience. VERON® MAXIMA is the missing piece in every fresh-keeping toolbox.


  • COROLASE® Enzymes for Protein Modification
  • ROHALASE® Enzymes for Grain and Oil Seed
  • ROHAPECT® Enzymes for Fruit Processing
  • ROHAVIN® Enzymes for Winemaking
  • VERON® Enzymes for Baking

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